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Nanopatch: injections without pain

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the Company Vaxxas from Australia is developing nanotechnology that can make vaccination absolutely painless. Now the people are afraid , can breathe a sigh of relief. The device, called Nanopatch, having the size of a fingernail applied to the introduction into the skin of 1000 Chi pins, which are coated with a vaccine.

Since used the pins are much thinner usual needles of medical syringes, the creators expect that the Nanopatch will enable to avoid pain during injection. 1000 Chi tiny protrusions vaccine administered only under the outer layer of skin, which are immune cells.

Output Nanopatch on the world market able to take a couple of years — just prior to that company Vaxxas has to spend a couple of phases of clinical testing. 1st tests were conducted in 2016.

This Australian company, which was founded in 2011, works in conjunction with who, she has received from the world Health Organization funding for pre-clinical studies with the use of vaccines against such diseases as polio.

the potential of the Nanopatch, lies not in its painlessness, and the fact that this product is able to increase the safety and effectiveness of vaccination in developing countries:

  • in Order to preserve the effectiveness of the vaccine, they need to be kept chilled. This is practically impossible due to the high rates of cooling during storage and transport in developing States. And the Nanopatch, in turn, the vaccine is stored in a dry form, therefore able to maintain their quality for a couple of months at room temperature;
  • Nanopatch is not a sharp object, so disappears the risk of contamination and accidental pricking with a needle from the med. employees.

First of all, new technologies should be developed directly in such vital sectors as health. The limiting factor of these technologies is the fact that before entering the market, the product needs a couple of years (and sometimes 10-s years) to undergo clinical studies. But, anyway, eventually they did begin to serve humanity.

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