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Pandora is a unique jewelry brand from Europe

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most Likely, all women, without exception, want to please others, to be charming, mysterious, and unique. And this will help them precious jewelry 1st of the most famous jewellery brands-Pandora.


a brief history of TM Pandora

it All began > 35 years ago, back in 1982. P. Enevoldsen (jeweler from Denmark) along with his wife founded the company in making jewelry. Over time, has formed a real close-knit team - was invited by professional designers. And even one could not suspect that after 13 years the company is > 10,000 distributors, and its products will be sold in > than 11,000 outlets worldwide, but the annual income of the Pandora brand will be more than 800,000,000 euros.

Products Pandora is created in the style of "affordable luxury" (affordable luxury). Originally it was a decoration from inexpensive materials (silver and Murano glass), and subsequently, the brand began to use also the gold + gems.

TM Pandora, for 35 years, produces accessible and yet unique jewelry for women that help them to discover their own uniqueness and beauty. Bracelets, pendants, pendants, and also are a wonderful gift for all occasions and unforgettable moment in every girl's life!


Pandora Style

the concept of the products of this brand deserves special attention. Pandora gives its customers the opportunity to Express their imagination and to try yourself in the jewelry design. In jewelry this direction is called "Pandora Style" – is nothing but “jewelry designer”!

If you choose Pandora Style, you will not find similar to your decoration, because you are going designer your chain, necklace, ring or bracelet. TM Pandora – exclusive design, handmade, highest quality  and very affordable prices. Due to its versatility these ornaments suitable to any event. You can always find elegant and original pendant-a charm that suits you and combine it with other decorations, thus underlining their own individuality.

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