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Rules of intimate hygiene

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recently to speak about intimate hygiene was indecent and embarrassing. But currently, the body care is considered the main ingredient purity and health of each of the fair sex.

not all women adhere to the necessary rules, which teach how to care for your intimate area, to keep the microflora and acid-alkaline balance. As a result, you may experience various inflammatory pathologies of the genital organs of a woman or girl. That is why women's health depends on the correct care of the intimate areas.

Proper care and possible problems with lack of personal hygiene

the Female body is very vulnerable to the harmful influences of the external environment and to avoid many diseases, it is necessary to observe certain rules of intimate hygiene, which are as follows:

  • Wash the intimate area at least 2 times during the day.
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  • When washing the stream of water should be weak - it is necessary in order not to damage the protective lubrication of the vagina and not to carry pathogenic bacteria.
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  • the Towel should be, above all, tailor made for intimate areas and mild.
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  • Wipe the perineum with gentle movements.
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  • to Use special means for washing, does not contain dyes, fragrances and Soaps.
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  • to Change sanitary pads or tampons at least every 3 hours.

Experts it is recommended to pay special attention to the intimate hygiene of women during pregnancy, as it is at this point in their genital area more vulnerable.

poor hygiene can lead to a number of quite serious diseases. For example, in most cases, this pathology as cystitis occurs when improper hygiene. Also, if you take a shower more often than you should, it creates favorable conditions for the development of natural bacteria, resulting in their high normal and the woman has serious gynecological disease.

Timely treatment at the clinic “Healthier life”

Every woman knows that any disease is easier to resolve at an early stage of development. That is why it is time to visit a gynecologist who will prescribe an effective treatment.

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