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Child psychologist: Who is this?

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Children's psychology is a part of developmental psychology or developmental psychology that there is an independent branch of this science. But child psychology is a science that studies the patterns of emotional, psychological and physiological development of children engaged in the study of factors that impact directly on the development.

a specialist like studying patterns of behavior and peculiarities of children's development, psychological personality and age of the child, and the development of different types of activities at specific life stages. Considering the above, in simple language - a child psychologist identifies and corrects violations of children's development, and the relationship of children with the surrounding world and society.

This specialist is able to participate in solving the emerging conflicts directly between the parent and child. He is able to teach them effective forms of communication, to survive the children's age crises, will assist in the adaptation of society and support in case of violations in different spheres of life of the child.

child psychologists can advise how a family and child separately if he's a teenage or preteen  age. If the child is too small, then the psychologist may carry out correction by means of various types of therapies, as well as games.


Problems working with a specialist like a child psychologist:

  • increased anxiety;
  • introversion
  • impulsive and aggressive behavior;
  • tantrums;
  • stubborn;
  • caprices;
  • fears;
  • habits (compulsive Masturbation, sucking objects, gnawing or biting of nails);
  • modesty;
  • shy;
  • sensitive;
  • restlessness;
  • carelessness;
  • school failure;
  • psychosomatic problems (encopresis, enuresis);
  • problem in the retelling of the text;
  • the complexity of adaptation to school and garden;
  • poor performance in school at the excellent work of the house;
  • trouble communicating with adults and peers;
  • the lack of confidence and low self esteem;
  • disturbances in the development of various cognitive processes (attention, thinking, memory, speech, child);
  • rivalry and jealousy between sisters and brothers;
  • hyperactivity and increased excitability;
  • the child does not assimilate school material and does not want to learn, etc.

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