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What is laser facial

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regardless of age, to have a clean face was always beautiful and fashionable. There are people who clean and smooth skin got "inherited", and there are those who are much less fortunate. But representatives of the category 2 people do not despair, because this is truly a revolutionary procedure known as laser cleaning, is a real lifeline for those people who face dotted with blackheads and comedones. By the way, about lazernoi cleaning person you can read on the website . And then we will consider the main principles of this procedure.


Principle of operation

Laser cleaning is a procedure which is very similar to laser resurfacing of the dermis. With the help of special. device sent a beam penetrating into the middle or upper layers of the epidermis, where by exposure to the temperature it removes dead cells and dirt. You need to understand that the layer of the skin that has been damaged, removed 100% and it is completely painless (at least during the session). Together with the skin layer and also eliminates such problems as:

  • acne;
  • spots;
  • comedones;
  • eels.

How is the procedure?

Initially, the skin should be 100 % clean from sebum and cosmetics, therefore, directly before the procedure is applied on the face lotions, and also other chemical. the compositions, in order to bring the Ph balance back to normal. Remember that a professional laser skin treatment is carried out only after applying it to spec. composition. This drug is a guarantee that the regeneration of the skin will be painless and fast.

Next is set up a cosmetic laser. This device has the same structure as the device used in the laser resurfacing or hair removal, the only difference is in the principle of action and depth of penetration. In this case, the laser beam must be very thin, so he could easily penetrate into the pores, and the equipment itself is made of such precious stones as: amethyst, emerald or sapphire. In order not to change the structure of the skin 100 %, beautician configurable depth of the laser beam (It is mandatory to conduct a little experiment, which reveals the necessary depth).

the session of laser facial cleansing takes about an hour - sometimes 40 minutes. Repeated cleaning will not need a couple of months, if you're right for herself. For best results, beauty salons suggest to check this procedure every 3 months.

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