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The main advantages of a private clinic to the state

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Even despite the fact that the official level of the medicine in Russia is free, in practice, still for treatment in state hospitals have to pay (for “gifts” to doctors, priority service, tests, etc.). That is why many citizens of our country have already managed to understand a simple truth: "If you want to be still paying, then it is better to be treated in private medical. the institutions where the best doctors are always caring and attentive staff, and almost never a queue". For example, in Krasnodar it is better to entrust your health to professionals from the international :

we All know that for the reception of a specialist of the highest category, even in a public hospital, you have to pay: a good neurologist, eye doctor, beautician, physician or a gynecologist, often very busy, therefore will not advise you for free. Well, the tests in our clinics, you can take 2 methods:

  • to come to the hospital one hour before its opening and then spend 3 hours in the queue.
  • to pay to do everything for a few moments.

Well, if you are unlucky enough to fall ill with such diseases as tonsillitis, bronchitis or the flu, then treatment in state hospitals will require not only a lot of nerves, time and money.

Suppose you are man of the old school and want to be treated for free. But now tell me honestly: would you trust the district doctor with the state hospital to conduct such surgical operations like breast augmentation or liposuction? Then why do you think they can trust them with the treatment of kidney or heart? Efficiently conduct the ultrasound or to measure intraocular pressure only on the most modern equipment, which is not always found in public hospitals, but private clinics are often equipped with the new med. equipment.

in addition, the private hospital is the best option if you need to refer to the so-called “inconvenient” to doctors (the venereal diseases, proctologist, urologist, gynecologist, etc.). Many people are embarrassed to visit these doctors at free clinics, for fear that you will meet there friends and what the specialist will ask them uncomfortable questions. Well, in a private hospital, everything is easier: coming to a doctor, a person can be 100% sure that everything he said in the doctor's office will not go beyond it.

1-but the advantage of private medical institutions to state analogues is that in addition to medical procedures, also provides more aesthetic.

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