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How to paint eyebrows?

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Applying makeup is an essential attribute of a modern woman's life. Today there are a huge number of different shades of shadows, paints and pencils, and if used skillfully, it is possible to give your face extra charm and also correct the many flaws.

not all women have perfect eyebrow shape so many women need to work directly with their color and expressiveness. And sometimes you can see that some women even have no idea . In the end, such girls are very like painted dolls, which in turn of course spoils their appearance.


in General for coloring the eyebrows there are a couple of reasons:

  • when it is necessary to focus attention directly on the eyes;
  • when a woman has very light eyebrows;
  • when you need to emphasize or correct the eyebrows.

How to do eyebrow makeup pen

Before you proceed to the makeup, to prepare a pencil, sharpened it well in advance. After that it will leave on your skin a thin line, which is needed for the future applying makeup. You should know that you will never be able to properly sharpen a pencil if it gets heated (for example, a long time remained in your hands). Ultimately softened his lead and just crumble during sharpening. Experienced women who work on the expressiveness of your sight for a long time and know how to properly paint pencil your eyebrows, I suggest immediately prior to sharpening to apply a little trick: put on some time your working the pencil in the fridge.

Eyebrows you need to comb special. brush, often sold in one set with eye shadow or pencil. Then it is necessary to set the stylus directly on the inner part of the eyebrow and light touches to start shading in the direction that corresponds to the growth direction of the eyebrows. Watch out that the line was not very bright, otherwise they will be very conspicuous and will show negligence applying makeup. It is also not necessary to clearly outline the contours of your eyebrows, otherwise you'll look like a Noh mask or doll. In addition, we need a very careful approach to the selection of individual lines (if required). Remember that carelessly feathered touch of the pencil is very similar to spot.

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