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Flight on MIG-29

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most Likely, you will not meet a person who would not want to fly like a bird to heaven. There are, of course, the saying: "Born to crawl - can not fly", but would not be a people person, if it stopped him. Bright minds, through trial and error tried to soar to the heavens and they got it.

the Result of their labors was the plane. Today, anyone can buy a ticket for a ticket and enjoy flying at a great height. It is one thing to fly on a passenger plane, and quite another - not a fighter jet, as the aircraft is able to perform complex tricks to develop great speed and, as a result, it will bring you a sea of positive emotions. Now is the opportunity to fly yourself or pripodnesti your loved one, so that he could feel the surge of emotion from the upcoming flight.

In our country are very popular flights in fighter aircraft MIG-29 modern Russian fighter aircraft, which is of excellent appearance and good technical characteristics. The cost of a flight on this plane are quite affordable. Be sure that you will all like it!


Features of the flight on MIG-29

During the flight on the fighter aircraft pilots is able to charm passengers unsurpassed turns at high speed. People will be able to see my native city with amazing height - believe me it looks amazing. People may not worry about their safety because the companies providing such services work only with experienced pilots that will show you the aerobatics (it includes a variety of tricks) to help you feel like a bird.
Modern jet planes can even get you into the stratosphere (at a height of >11 tis. km). In such conditions of the surroundings of the city look unforgettable. For the flight itself only need to have the courage to pay it. There is nothing to be afraid of, just try and you will delight in this!

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