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English: real benefits or fashion?

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Now knowledge of a foreign language (especially English) is 1 of the main components of school and early childhood education. Almost all parents want that their child spoke English in his adult life.

How justified such a stir? This is what we tell the employee of the tutoring center "Logos": where I teach in the river.

If you delve into this issue, this increased the importance of foreign language proficiency is now “guilty” the process of globalization that has engulfed the planet. So, looking for new opportunities, global capital is in constant search for contacts and create new conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation, and as a result, new opportunities for life planning and career development.


Want to have the best chance - learn English!

knowledge of the English language undoubtedly opens up new opportunities, which is a lot, especially in young people. Today, almost every sphere of life requires a good knowledge of English. So, if the parents see the future of their offspring in the banking, restaurant, tourist or hotel business, Economics, law, or programming, English would be the 1st and indispensable in achieving this task.


Why start to learn English better as a child?

the Movement of the modern world is very rapid. For example, today children play with toys and go to kindergarten, and tomorrow they will go to school 10 years later to enter UNIVERSITY, after which they will work and future career. Absolutely all segments of this path of life there are various barriers, long and medium range goals that require the achievement or overcoming. So why spend time in the future in English, which to most effectively learn it as a child? The language is the fact that the baby develops in 1 of the first in his life (and doesn't matter he native or foreign).


in English – the door to a vast world!

not in vain 1 of the main criteria of the highest aristocratic upbringing as a child was learning foreign languages. In the old days, the conventional and most common noble language was French. Today the world has changed and all around communicate, create, and speak English. That is why choosing a child learning English, before You open your child all the doors!

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