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The relationship of health and excess weight

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When considering the health of a person, not to mention the almost permanent relationship between adverse health status and the presence of increased body weight. Doctors and specialists could even derive a formula that reflects the indicator to accurately determine whether you have normal weight taking your weight in kilos and dividing it into pre-erected your height (in meters) in square, you can get an index called Body Mass Index (BMI). At the same time, knowing that your weight, in accordance with the indicator will be unnecessary, or even with bitterness you will notice the obesity, then the best way to make a gift for the summer season – try to get rid of the excess weight. For starters, you can visit the shop of natural cosmetics , in fact, among the out there goods of natural origin and has anti-cellulite drugs, to help “burn” subcutaneous fat.

it is Also worth to admit that the true connoisseurs of beauty prefer to see a little pyshnenky the female form, though in this case the cellulite is not welcome. But if you are aiming to lose weight then you parallel that still contribute to their health. If your weight is within the standards recommended by who, the risk of development of a large part of the diseases you have low (what can be said about those who suffer from lack of body weight, or encumbered overweight). But, if you take and start to strictly control your diet, you will effectively lose during the first week, four pounds for the month – up to ten. Such “the rhythm of the dumping of the masses” will allow you not to overload your body by overworking, because the change of diet in these women is accompanied by an increase in mobility (giving up your car, Hiking to and from work, visit a gym or a fitness club).

Because when losing weight, suffering skin (because subcutaneous fat previously supported a certain amount), help with weight loss you will have to restore their skin, or they can gather in the folds or the skin will become flabby. , of course you can help, though not all can go there – and far away, and not always at the resort, there are places (it's not rubber). Oh, and a special mask on the basis of such dirt will make you right at home to create microfill to this resort.

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