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"Together to the future": the Foundation of revival from Maksim Shkil

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We live in the geographically largest country in Europe, moreover, there is its geographical center. Logically, in terms of life, everything here should be fine, but in practice not everything is so rosy and perfect. The continuing stagnation of the economy, uncertainty in own future pushes people to find new sources of revenue, destroys families and often leaves children in difficult life conditions. Seeing the unwillingness or inability of the state to systematically address these issues, not caring people together to help those who suffer. It was established by the charity Fund «”, the founder and coordinator of which was the Lviv businessman Maksim Shkil.

When the person means a lot

Desire to unite and help others, the Ukrainians will not take. Maybe that's why we have so many different charities, projects, etc. the Problem is that these organizations are by and large relatively closed society, are reluctant to touch even if you have a powerful advertising campaign is not always possible to trace the results of their activities. He who really wants and has the ability to help, not says about themselves on every street corner, and quietly, but firmly set goals.

This statement coincides exactly with the personality of the founder of the Foundation Maksim Shkil. In fact, information about it will not find a lot, despite the fact that their business has been a dozen years. And this business is not only versatile, but it is also located geographically in different regions: the granite quarries in Zhytomyr region and the Audi AG dealership in Odessa. In addition, Maxim has made significant progress in the field of science: three diploma of higher education, and a PhD in law.

confidence in the future

By his own admission, charity Maksim Shkil started exactly with the start of own business projects. Of course, at first it was more targeted assistance, but with the growth of production possibilities has become more and formed the concept of the Fund «Time to the future”. Its main task is to build a system that will be able to combine the maximum possible number of like-minded people to solve global problems.
this year marks 5 years since its inception and we can say that the Fund was formed 4 main areas or project:


    “Dytyna country”. Social project group, which focuses on the so-called “social children” permanently or temporarily find themselves in difficult life circumstances. The aim of the project “Malyukova joy” and “Kolarova share” is their social adaptation, recreation, communication;

    “Rosanne pokolinnja”. Intelligent programs “miy project” and “IQ-instrument” aimed at the formation and development of personal and creative qualities of young people;

    “Sports nation”. As the name implies, programs “Healthy nation” and “sports Svitanok” aimed at equipping playgrounds and conducting of joint family activities;

    “Eco-homeland”. Projects in this group ("green wave”, “ECO-PCNC") contribute to the cleaning, landscaping of Park areas, the inclusion of young people and formation of ecological worldview.

In this short period of time, benefited more than 5000 recipients and their number is growing every day.

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