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The symbols of the Ukrainian wreath

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today a large number of foreign guests want to , not really understanding the symbolism of its beauty. Only real Ukrainians know and honor their traditions, realizing the importance of the correct selection of the wreath. Of course, if the wreath is created by Ukrainian artist, most likely it is made by all the rules and is decorated with the right types of flowers and ribbons. For an inexperienced person it is difficult to imagine how many characters accommodates the whole colorful composition of national ornaments.

Going , you must know the most important thing – the flowers in the arrangement must be clearly recognisable copies of living originals, as attached to the wreath form depends on the importance it carries. By tradition, the most right set for better protection and attract good fortune, health and beauty are considered to be flowers such as marigolds, Helichrysum, yarrow, lovage, mallow, cornflower, poppy, hops, viburnum, daisies, periwinkle, forget-me-not. In addition to flowers, the wreath needs to be multi-colored ribbon that also had protective power and were intertwined in a certain order, starting from the middle: brown – a symbol of fertility, on either side of her yellow-a symbol of the sun, on the green – a symbol of youth and beauty, next for health blue, orange – for prosperity, purple – for wisdom raspberry – as a symbol of cordiality, pink – a symbol of wealth. The more ribbons, the better the protection. Length of strips was selected according to the length of the hair. The symbolism of the wreath was handed down from our ancestors to the present day, and therefore today it is important to choose a wreath for the meaning of the colors.

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