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a Few years ago it was amazing to watch the construction of a sauna in your own home. Many thought that this process is complicated and costly. True lovers couple set soft twin not only in country houses, but even in their ordinary homes. It took only one item – a steam generator or heater. With this equipment it became possible arrangement of saunas in each room where there is water. Manufacturers seek to simplify the process heat and steam, so every year developing new and improved models of remotes and progeneration, , and control units sauna.

In the sauna you will not find a conventional oven, it often is fully automated. Thanks to the automatic control unit is made possible ventilation, light, temperature and steam at any distance. While you relax, the whole process is monitored by the machine. Cool, isn't it?

At the moment the most popular methods of heating of saunas and baths can be called electric stoves, steam generators, , and instrumentation of infrared radiation. Such products offered in our store. Additionally, we have several types of control systems and control panels for sauna. In the range there is also a remote control electric heater, and a remote control for sauna heated infrared radiation, and various automation for rendering. In store “Grubka” you will find control panels for saunas from leading brands. If you have any questions and you would like to obtain additional information, please call the phone numbers (097) 350-58-48, (044) 361-76-69. To obtain satisfactory answers and practical advice you can rely on our consultants. Their experience allows you to be considered an expert in the field of equipment for the steam room.

Varieties of models are remote control units electric heater with steam generator or evaporator, control the process of creating a pair. A control unit , a heater is usually a portable control panel sauna that can be installed even in the break room. Thus, the oven control saunas can be done outside, setting the cabin of the steam to the desired mode.

it's Nice when your on vacation someone cares. The Finnish company understand how important peace and comfort during a trip to the sauna, so tirelessly work on improving the equipment. Try it and you their products that you can buy in the store “Grubka”. For your convenience, we deliver across the country.

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