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Choose skylights: which is better?

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in Order to choose the right roof window, you first need to decide what functions they should perform. This will depend on virtually all parameters. Basically the functionality is determined by room area that can be dedicated to glazing, height and, of course, Your personal preference. If you have not yet decided where to buy a Dormer window, visit our section in the online store . There you will be able to buy quality skylights at low price.

Options skylights

There are several key parameters that need to be considered when choosing. Such include:

  • area of glazing (it should be at least 10% of the total area of the room. The best option is the calculation of the proportion 1x8);
  • the
  • location (lighting will be better from several located at a distance of Windows than one big one. So the light rays will be wholly dispersed through the room);
  • the
  • height (window shall be located one meter above the floor, and end at a distance of 2 meters from the floor. The height and length of the window will not be equal because it is mounted at an angle);
  • the
  • width (calculated when designing the roof, as it directly depends on the step of sheathing. The best option would be to adjust the width for the distance between the rafters).

selection criteria

No less important are other characteristics when choosing a window:

  • material (for General purpose, you can use any material, usually choose a tree, but for bathrooms etc. the best suitable plastic, as it is not as susceptible to temperature extremes);
  • the
  • opener (You can choose any of the available, as long as he was comfortable in Your room. The most common choice is the method of opening along the Central axis);
  • the
  • glass (density and properties of glass also depend on personal preferences. You can purchase impact-resistant glass, with enhanced properties of thermal conductivity, reflective coating, etc.);
  • the
  • handle (must be conveniently located, but if you have children, it should be placed up high so they couldn't get. It is desirable to have the blocking feature);
  • the
  • remote control (this is an additional feature that makes life easier but is not necessary).

Experts advise not to do the installation yourself, as it is quite a complicated process that requires certain knowledge and skills. Also it is recommended to purchase all the accessories to the window from the same manufacturer, so they fit perfectly to the window.

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