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Eyelash extensions: the history of the emergence

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Long fluffy eyelashes are the dream of the majority of modern women. The view is breathtaking, and the eyes expressive. But not every the fair sex can boast of beautiful nature eyelashes. And what about those whom nature cheated? The main thing - do not despair - now available to such procedure as eyelash extensions. Next, we'll talk about it in more details and tell us about it Lyudmila Bunchuzhny - Lash & Brow expert, founder of author's Studio of beauty "BUNCHUZHNAYA FACE ART", where you can make .


History the appearance of extended lashes

For expressive thick and long the lashes of the fair sex have to thank the movie divas of Hollywood. Exactly movie stars of the last century steel 1-mi, who drew the audience's attention to their own expressive eyes and luxurious eyelashes. Originally 1 of the materials to create them were the glue, thread and fringe. So, on a thread with tweezers and glue evenly, gently affixed fringe. Then this design was attached with glue directly to the upper eyelid. It was enough for a couple of hours, it looked unnatural, and the price was exorbitant, so to afford it could only stars of television and film.

With the advent of modern technology, Hollywood has offered this procedure as capacity of the beams. In this method of increasing the donor material was collected in neat bundles, then put each individual eyelash. This procedure was very complex and long, however the end result has surpassed all expectations.

But the real breakthrough in this area occurred in 2006, Then came up with a way parisnicole capacity (in this case, each individual eyelash, made of synthetic material carefully glued to each natural eyelash). Dramatically also changed the composition of the material.


extended eyelashes today

Now, use only synthetic materials (“sable”, “mink”, “silk”), which by composition is similar to silk or natural hair. And their names are just the names of the various production technologies. About any natural materials it is not, otherwise, conjunctivitis and allergies are simply unable to torture the happy possessor of eyelash extensions.

Also changed the duration of this pleasure (if you make a timely correction, extended eyelashes can carry up to 3 months.

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