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Life insurance on types of policies and nuances of design

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life Insurance and health – actual service many companies and agencies. The right choice of the insurer will bring peace, it will not have to worry about how to act when the accidents. Depending on the needs and desires of today you can insure anything: a car, real estate, risk of not getting a Schengen visa, the safety of tourists and even denial of travel abroad. To calculate the cost of the policy online and you can buy it on the websites of the companies.

List of insurance companies specializing in life insurance and health, you will find on our portal in the section. There are also offers various insurance services, including auto insurance hull and CTP, medical insurance, property insurance, life and health.

life insurance

to Insure your life in two ways:

  • short-term from a specific group risks;
  • long-term.

Temporary insurance involves a contract for a strictly limited period of time, for example, for a period of travel abroad. You can insure the death of disability, injury and other accidents. Upon the occurrence of the insured event the compensation payable to the beneficiaries or persons specified in the policy. Long-term, or endowment insurance is for a term of 5-20 years. Insurance premiums are held annually. Payments are fixed. In the case of death compensation. If the contract term has expired before, the amount of contributions the insured person is refunded in full. According to the agreement can be accrued interest.

what determines the cost of the policy?

the Price of insurance policy may vary depending on several factors. The calculation takes into account such indicators: age of the insured; gender; health. The calculator on the website will determine how much it will cost and what the policy will payout in the event of death. In order to get the most accurate information you can apply in person in the office.

Health insurance

more and more people have medical insurance to help them remain calm in an unstable world. OMS will serve as a guarantee of obtaining financial compensation in case of illness. LCA-voluntary medical insurance. There is no single standard contract on this policy. It is developed individually. The agreement may be included the following services: medical examination; consultations with specialists; outpatient and inpatient treatment; compensation of the funds spent on purchasing medicines, visiting doctor at home; emergency care; delivery of medicines to the house; carrying out dental procedures. Properly drafted medical agreement – the key to peace and security.

a Policy when traveling to another country

Travel insurance is becoming increasingly popular. Often it is included in the cost of purchased vouchers. However, this is not always the best option. More quality insurance for traveling with an expanded range of services is only available on reliable UK, and not in a tourist Agency. When visiting another country usually requires that the policy is issued for each traveler separately. The same rule applies to kids. A sentence such insurance usually ranges from 1-6 months. You cannot ignore the requirements of insurers. This may lead to refusal of exit at the border.

Insurance car

the Policies hull and CTP can be purchased at almost any Agency. The presence of insurance-a mandatory requirement for motorists before driving on the road. Compensation under such contracts only gets injured in an accident side. In fact, it is the insurance of civil liability before other participants of traffic. Insurance can involve two-way payments: as the perpetrator and the victim. It belongs to the group voluntary policies. You can insure the building against theft, from total destruction and from intentional injury.

property Insurance

more and more people to insure their real estate. This is to some extent ensures the security of houses, villas or apartments. The design of such policy is required under the mortgage. Otherwise the Bank will refuse to cash a home loan. To save money, it is important to carefully consider the choice of a suitable insurer. In case of loan insurance will have to pay to 0.34% of the amount. At the same time, rates may be lower, so it is best to examine the conditions of various agencies before to conclude the contract, the validity of which is usually at least a year.

Tips for choosing insurance companies

Select insurance company – a pledge of future security. Not to be mistaken and have no problems receiving payments in the event of accident, it is necessary to understand how to choose the right Agency. Insurance should be purchased in the company that specializiruetsya in a particular area of insurance. It is impossible to

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