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Cream with hyaluronic acid: How to choose?

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the Last time the fair sex are increasingly using all kinds of tools and procedures for rejuvenation of the skin. 1 of their most effective beauty products, today, are masks and creams based on hyaluronic acid. By the way, in Russia to buy a high-quality in the Internet-shop of cosmetics


features of the impact of hyaluronic acid on the female body and its importance in cosmetology

the Presence in cosmetic products of such a component as hyaluronic acid, gives an opportunity to provide comprehensive care for the epidermis directly, and use the cream it improves skin elasticity and causes a deep hydration of cells.

the Use of cosmetics with this acid allows you to evaluate the result immediately after the 1st procedure. But, to expect from the containing of cosmetics supernatural results - still not worth it.


Wrinkles vs hyaluronic acid

Now you can find quite a variety of opinions about the use of such cosmetics and not worth much to believe those who say that using creams with hyaluronic acid actually return a young skin and to get rid of deep wrinkles. Often it's just the usual marketing ploy.

But not quite true to say that the use of this acid helps to remove wrinkles. The reason is that smooth skin with this substance only when administered with the use of needles, particularly in the deeper layers of the skin.


effects of the cream with hyaluronic acid in the epidermis

Now hyaluronic acid is used for all kinds of cosmetic procedures (masks, injections, massages, etc.). This tool can have on the epidermis following effects:

  • good hydration of skin cells;
  • is the best way to prevent the formation of wrinkles;
  • stimulates collagen production.

increase the effect of creams with hyaluronic acid can use all kinds of peels and scrubs.

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