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Online pharmacy: Main "+" and "-" to buy medicines on the Internet

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to Purchase various goods in the Global Web have become quite commonplace for a great number of our fellow citizens. Now in online shops you can buy a huge range of goods and services, including goods and products for a healthy lifestyle and overall health.


Internet pharmacy and the law

So, using the Internet you can buy even drugs. However, not in every country. In some States, the sale of drugs via the Global wide Web is strictly prohibited. For example, in Russia to sell drugs remotely impossible for pharmacies only have the right to publish on your own web sites information on the price and availability of medicines. But many sites are actual pharmacies while also offer visitors the opportunity to register on the web resource, then add in “the basket” the required drugs, but to pay for them and you can only get them in most pharmacies.

In Ukraine formally there is also a ban on online trade of drugs, but if pharmacy will contract with some courier service delivering, it will be able to sell drugs and also online.

Besides, today in the network there are also specialized search services and the delivery of drugs (for example, Parmalat: All you need is to visit the website of such service, enter in your search string the name of the drug (for example ), add it to cart and make a order.

In certain countries (UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, etc.) the online trade in medicines is permitted only to pharmacies with a mandatory spec. registration. The work of such institutions is strictly regulated by the state. But the Internet has no boundaries, therefore, need medicine you can purchase in online pharmacies of other States where such facility is available.


the benefits of online pharmacies:

  • Affordable price;
  • delivery of medication to a desired location;
  • the Opportunity to receive professional advice by email, video link or other modern means of communication;
  • Anonymous.

the Cons of online pharmacies:

  • it Is possible to purchase counterfeit (fake drugs and drugs that do not meet the standards);
  • Inadequate protection of customer's personal information (your contact details, card number and its CVV code can fall into the hands of third parties).

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