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What is the coding from alcoholism?

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Encoding is the large group of procedures that involve effects on the peripheral and Central nervous system, then often the craving for alcohol decreases and its consumption becomes very dangerous. By the way, you can spend in the rehabilitation center "Nova Era":

coding of alcoholism often include:

  • acupuncture;
  • encoding "on.";
  • hypnosis, etc.

Also coding is sometimes referred to such chemical. methods:

  • chemical protection
  • “the binder” (implantation of the drug “Esperal”).

Total for all the above-mentioned procedures is the likelihood appears very serious side effects (if the mode of sobriety was broken), and is less than or greater reduction of thrust to the alcohol.


the Desire to drink vs alcohol

in General, the desire to drink and alcohol is not exactly 1 and the same. So, the desire to drink may occur for different reasons, and alcohol, in turn, is a pathological attraction to “ethyl alcohol” with the aim of obtaining pleasant sensations that it gives directly.

For example, on a hot day people might want to have a glass of beer because he likes the taste. The desire to drink might appear due to the conditioned-reflex mechanism, in situations habitually associated with the consumption of alcohol (a certain company, holidays, hunting, fishing, a familiar restaurant...). Craving for alcohol, there is a kind of reflex character, like Pavlov's dogs, which included the bulb or the sound of a bell caused the secretion of gastric juice and saliva.

Similar to the reflex component is observed in stressful situations. Ie, if in the past people regularly use alcohol as a stress relieving means, even when the sober life, after some excitement, he habitually think and not "skip" if the saving Cup.

after the course of treatment of alcoholism pathological craving for alcohol, so to say, asleep, with the desire to drink really cope with it with ease.



If the person is actively solves the problem of alcoholism, had greatly changed the stereotype of life and even without any therapy alcohol becomes it is simply not needed. If a man waits for alcoholism will disappear by itself, then the usual desire for a drink quickly enough to develop into pathological craving for alcohol, and then he can not help any coding, nor the instinct of self-preservation.

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