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Medical device meter

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Meter - a medical device for measuring the level of glucose (sugar)blood. Used to diagnose abnormalities that occur in violation of the elements of the endocrine system. In most cases, this device is associated with a disease such as diabetes mellitus (malfunction of the pancreas responsible for the production of the hormone insulin). If a healthy person to be tested for Sahap recommended from time to time, for a person with diabetes - is practically a vital necessity: the characteristic symptoms may not be present at all, and glucose must be constantly monitored and, based on this, take measures to replacement therapy. Despite the existence of several effective methods for determining urovnya glucose, the most widely used of these portable devices. Their use eliminates the need to constantly visit the doctor - all can be done quickly at home. The meter is not "self-contained" device - it only processes the data, and to receive them, he comes with a special indicator sensors - disposable test strips:. On it, with the help of Lancing, apply a drop of blood through the mounted biosensor shield second unit meter analyzes and outputs the result. As a rule, each model is combined with a specific meter unique test strip. Therefore, in selecting the instrument should be considered constant andthe presence of these indicators - it's the main consumables. Strips are stored in a special airtight container - using must avoid prolonged contact depressurization and idle indicators with air (it can change the properties of the reagents that will affect the accuracy of the results). Furthermore, strictobserve temperature storage (for the same reasons stated above), avoid extremes of temperature. It is necessary to maintain good personal hygiene when using strips - hands should be clean and dry, normal temperature. Indicators bend, cut, etc. Compliance with these simple rules will give maximum accuracy and correct resultsm.

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