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All you need to know about Immunology

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It is still rare profession « immunologist » among doctors gradually recognized by modern   patient. By contrast, no such thing as a « & raquo ;, immunity which often appears not only on television, newspapers, magazines, but also in everyday conversations: it needs to be strengthened, he fell …

A little about the immune system

Most doctors in the treatment of a disease does not take into account the state of our immune system. For example, periodic cough, runny nose and slight fever is not always indicative of acute respiratory viral infection, acute respiratory infections or bronchitis. It may be a feature of the age of the immune system. Familiar situation: the child goes to kindergarten, and negof hail pouring cold. And it is not an infection. This can be a kind of immune response to the environment in which he found himself. And it just works out protection.

So you need to constantly strengthen the immune system. If stably support the immune system, with the common cold body is able to cope sam, without taking medication.

When you need help immunologist

  Before you will be directed to the immunologist, the attending physician must ensure that the initial disease with which you came, well treated. But there are also cases where periodically a sore throat or cough hurts – and this is not   cold and failure immunity. And this will help you immunologist who will be able to identify the signs of a failure of the immune system.

The highlights of a signal that you need help, can be:

  • constant fatigue;
  • Fast tiredbility;
  • frequent insomnia or drowsiness;
  • the presence of any chronic disease;
  • aching muscles and joints;
  • common cold.

This is particularly a problem may occur in the spring. At this time, immunologists advised to take vitamins as fruit and vegetables are present in a state notyanii make up the balance of the required elements necessary for our body.

Vitamins that will protect us

But not all vitamins are good. They are absorbed by the body in different ways, act on each other, can influence the process of assimilation of other substances.

It is better to prefer vitamin complexes.

With regard to the rules of admission, then drink tablets worth odnovremnno with food, according to instructions. Winter and spring – be sure to drink a course of multivitamins.

The main vitamins for immunity   have long been:

  • Vitamin A – helps protect the organs of vision. Useful for cardiac, vascular systems. By the way, protects against prostate cancer and breast cancer.
  • Vitamin C   or askorbinka. Increases resistance to infections of the body, in particular his cell.
  • Vitamin E. Protects skinin from drying out, the appearance of wrinkles. Is also effective in the treatment of ulcers, wounds and other skin lesions.
  • Vitamin R. way to keep the body resistance to inflammation and swelling.

In any case, taking vitamins should be prescribed with the attending physician, and the physician will help you in choosingdrug. To find a competent doctor hammer into a search engine - and learn more polehnyh details. More about the immune system and immunologists you can find on our site.

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