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Ptosis and treatment

June 03 2014

Ptosis (from the Greek - fall) - pathology, in which the body changes Normalnoe position (lowered) in the body. Susceptibility to disease have bodies such as the eyelids, breast, kidney, intestines. Ptosis of the upper eyelid - a fairly common pathology, both among adults and children alike. The upper eyelid moves down by a certain distance (depending on the severity of the pathology). In this practicalcally no control over it by the nervous system. Small and shallow, at first glance, the pathology may actually cause serious damage to your eyes: it may gradually fall down to a complete loss, moreover, developed a squint.

According to the severity of ptosis is divided into three levels:

1 – overlap the upper third of the pupil;
2 – overlap the upper 2/3 of the pupil;
3 – completely covered the upper half of the pupil.

The causes of ptosis century can be congenital or acquired. Congenital ptosis can be caused by a number of the following prIchin:

- a genetic predisposition;
- congenital disease of the oculomotor nerve and abnormal development or weakness of the muscles responsible for the movement of the century.

Acquired ptosis is more common congenital and is a consequence of an illness or injury. Types, etc.iobretennogo ptosis century:

- neurogenic (due to paralysis of the oculomotor nerve);
- myogenic (myasthenia gravis);
- Mechanical;
- aponeurotic.

, in the vast majority occur surgically (conservative therapy is possible only if neurogenic ptosisand aims to restore nerve function).

The solution comes with one of the following methods:

- fixing century to the frontal muscle suturing;
- resection of the levator muscles;
- imposition duplikatury muscle aponeurosis.

Remember, Thuof treatment should not be delayed for a long time, especially in children, because of the possibility of complications and vision loss.

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