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Wedding soon? Read helpful tips for writing a script

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Wedding – it is a corporate celebration that everyone should experience at least once in life, says my good friend. She was right, I don't like this wording one word – “worry”. A good wedding should be such that it is not experienced, and that is enjoyed from beginning to end of the action. Yes, this is not a circus and not theatre, but such is our mentality – our people need ‘bread and circuses".

If the bread, everything is simple – choose a good restaurant, and the rest is their concern. With spectacles will have to work hard all. To start, you will have to choose where the . The question is not just where and what exactly the person you want to see on your celebration. This person, at least, must be a pleasure to see and hear. It is better to discuss all the subtleties and moments of celebration, to avoid unpleasant surprises at the festival. Even better to have a specific wedding scenario, based on which you can make your edits and adjustments.

Making a script it is worth remembering that conventional wedding consists of three stages:
• tie;
• fun;
• the end of the holiday.
This division is rather arbitrary, and in practice, the faces often blurred, but it helps to focus on the Essentials. So, go through the steps that we propose to divide the wedding.

the Plot

One of the most important periods in the wedding. You should find a host for the wedding, so that he could adequately carry out the eyeballs of all the action. The specifics of the wedding is what? The fact that everyone goes into it with their emotions, problems, unrest. The role of the presenter – to push the public to communicate, to make friends with them, to remind all gathered with a common goal – to share the happiness of the newlyweds.



Stage includes contests, dancing, entertainment. If the wedding traditions, and then there is the theft of shoes, and the bride, and mother wash feet. But if more close to the present, various fire shows, guest stars, etc. In General, everything, so would love to see the audience.


the End

Any wedding to finish so that the guests left full, but feeling ready again and again plunge into the holiday and relive this day again. It is very important for a toastmaster to capture the emotions of your guests and arrange them to themselves and to the newlyweds. Experienced leading wedding able to do it, so choose best and enjoy the most important day in your life.

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