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Adult diapers: Main types

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Diapers for adults address this rather delicate problem, like urinary incontinence severe and moderate women and men who lead an active lifestyle they are used as specials. hygiene products directly in the care of elderly people and immobile patients. By the way, they can be purchased in


“Nappies” or diapers?

In Russia for diapers entrenched its name as “nappies” (from the English word "Pampers"), but Pampers is the brand name diapers, Procter & Gamble in the early 90s set in a post-Soviet country. On the Russian market - it was the 1st disposable diapers and, ultimately, in the minds of "our" man "diapers" began to be associated with diapers as such.



Regardless of the brand, disposable adult diaper has the following 3 layers:

  • internal (it consists of a nonwoven material, soprikasalis with the skin and protecting it directly from moisture);
  • absorbent or average (it consists of dissolved cellulose, it, in turn, distributed uniformly in the absorbent - spec. the material prevraschaet liquid to gel);
  • waterproof or external (it consists of a plastic film or a breathable laminate that keeps water directly inside the diaper and prevent leakage).


This figure, the absorbency is nothing but the total volume of liquid that the adult diaper can absorb. This figure is indicated on the packaging of diapers in either the milliliters or “drops”. On average, these diapers can absorb: 0,7 - 3 liters of liquid.



the form of these diapers are divided into 4-d categories:

  1. classic (closed) - with the help of Velcro fasteners and side;
  2. half-open - with side straps that are designed for fixing and roll, they leave the hips open;
  3. open - no closures and bumpers, they are fixed in place by a mesh panty;
  4. absorbent panties - they are no different from ordinary underwear.

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