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Buying property in Spain

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the Acquisition of real estate abroad has its advantages. Such investments are always liquid and profitable. The cost of houses and apartments in Europe is constantly growing. Buying a house today, a year later you can sell it at a higher price.

the Most promising Spain. On the Mediterranean coast of Catalonia, there are plenty of resorts where you can buy small houses and huge houses. Worth to dream, how great to spend summer vacation inside a private house on the shores of the warm caressing sea. You don't have to spend money on the purchase of package tours, payment for the services of a travel Agency. On real estate Spain you can additionally earn money renting it out. In Europe, many tourists do not like large hotels, they take for themselves a separate dwelling, enjoying the solitude. The only problem is that these deals will definitely have to make it official. Here are closely watching the commercial activities of local residents and non-residents. So get ready to pay taxes.

Knowing about all the peculiarities of the process of sale and subsequent lease of real estate, you can make a deal with maximum benefit for themselves. If you are interested , contact the real estate Agency Damlex Realty. It works in Spain with Russian-speaking clients. Here will help to choose the optimal acquisition, will tell about peculiarities of this process will assist in the formalization of all documents, registration of the property.

the Main problem faced by buyers of real estate in Spain from Russia, not knowing the language and local laws. The help of an experienced broker is of paramount importance in this process. This way you will save your own funds, because you do not need to fly out of the house for each viewing. Specialist will study your requirements, will select the best options based on them, will be sent by email real photos and detailed information about the Villa. Based on this information, and you can make a pre-selection. Confirm you have it already.

Representatives of real estate agencies can arrange for their customers Charter flights, transfers to Spain. You will fall in love with this amazing country after the first trip here. Will only buy the right Villa. To do this, call the managers of a real estate Agency Damlex Realty on (+34) 935 434 367 or use the website

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