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Twin valve bathroom faucets

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Even if we take into account all existing guarantees of durability and quality from manufacturers and, even with the most careful use, the lifetime of any mixer, everything is exactly the deadline (late or early, depending on usage). If replacement of parts or minor repairs do not save in this situation, then do nothing – will need to replace the entire faucet.

the Most common and familiar to every person bathroom faucets is a single lever and twin valve taps. Both product has its own advantages and weaknesses, which often break down. Next, we'll talk about the most prevalent mixers, namely, twin valve.

These devices are very popular, even despite his advanced age. The reason for this: smooth regulation of flow and temperature of water + a variety of design and shapes of the housing and the valves.

these mixers are cast from stainless steel or brass. But directly inside it drilled channels for cold and warm water. In the case of the twin valve faucets are mounted the following work items:

  1. Spool valve. It is used to switch water flow from the spout to shower;
  2. the Crane-axle boxes. In motion, they are driven valves. They serve to directly overlap the holes in the mixing chamber, and they do it by placing at the ends of the ceramic discs or rubber gaskets.

Outside such a mixer corresponding holes by means of a cap nut mounted shower hose and gander. Further to the stock tap-bushing wear valves, after which they are fixed rigidly by means of bolts.


By the method of connection there are 2 kinds of twin valve taps:

  • can be Connected via the connections;
  • can be Connected via the tee.

in a mixer At 2nd kind of faucet head parts are pressed directly into the seats, closing the orifices of the two parallel channels, and they are also connected through a tee to the water pipes, which are derived in the bathroom.

But the configuration with separate connections is more simple and allows you to connect to the water supply using a flexible hose or through a rigidly connected pipe.

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