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Is it harmful to wear ankle boots in the heat?

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Hot summer, melted asphalt, and the brains gradually turn into broth. Hot in the sun buses and taxis, stretch in endless traffic jams, like flies, uvazhaemie in thick molasses. All try to wear the minimum of clothes. In a city crowd suddenly a man in shoes with high tops. No, not in uniform, and the ordinary citizen. Some looked at him with compassion, saying, legs, wrong, sick. But, no! Feet, just, this person is in order, because put it in , ideally designed for hot weather.

For a hot time of year shoes generally have to be special. Many people do not know what are summer boots, I believe that such footwear can cause substantial harm to the feet. But it is misleading simply due to the ignorance of the majority of inhabitants. This particular kind of shoes created and improved for decades. And one of the main and unconditional qualities berets is an excellent ventilation of the internal volume, which can not boast of no other ordinary shoes.

the Most lightweight models are made from high quality cotton and do not have a lining. The perfect choice for these boots on the hottest day are socks that do not absorb moisture and quickly throw it to your outer layer. This scheme allows you to always keep feet dry, even with the most prolonged and intense walking. Compulsory membership in any berets, including summer, is the presence of a removable insole. Its structure is a large tubule, which with every step air is pumped and discharged to the upper part of the Shoe. High quality insoles made according to the technology AgION®, a Boston company ″AgION Technologies″. Active silver ions integrated into the fibers of the Foundation insole, inhibit the development of putrefactive bacteria and fungal infections. Moreover, the effect persists for a long time in contrast to bactericidal treatment of shoes, including sprays.

as a material for the manufacture of berets may also be used suede, leather and nubuck, natural or artificial. To facilitate construction and to improve its wear resistance is widely used insertion of nylon Cordura. And lining, in addition to excellent breathable properties, and also contains membrane materials, which are responsible for intensive drainage of moist vapors from the internal volume. It provides the opportunity to be a long time in shoes during the hottest time of the year, not risking to get a disease of the feet. At the same time these techniques allow to avoid the emergence of unpleasant odors. It makes the perfect summer ankle boots shoes for hot weather. Therefore, the widespread opinion that big boots in the summer to go bad, to put it mildly, wrong. They are used in all countries − member of the Alliance. And there the soldiers do not suffer from fungal infection, chafing and abrasions, as until recently suffered the soldiers of many countries of the CIS. After all, they had to wear boots.

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