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The Burger and its types

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a Hamburger is the kind of sandwich (closed sandwich), which consists of chopped grilled burgers, which is located inside the cut along half of a special roll. In the Burger as a complement to meat, can include many different seasonings (green leaves, fresh lettuce, ketchup with mayonnaise, slices of tomato, pickles, and a slice of young zucchini, roasted or raw onions).

Next, we will talk about the history of the emergence of this product, and will tell us about this employee bakery ‘Gama Fresh Sandwiches”, in which wholesale order .



for the First time the name "hamburger" was used in the 2nd largest city in Germany, Hamburg, where a huge number of people at the time, moved to the United States. By the way, under “Burger” in the German language very often means someone or something from the city of Hamburg.

1st the world's first hamburger sold deli Louis Lessing in 1900 (27.07) in the city of new haven, USA. And in 1921 in Kansas he opened the firm "White Castle", a specialty which was just burgers. Due to its dikovinok and low price (5 cents, which lasted until 1946) - hamburgers won the love and affection buyers.

by the Way, the emerging doubts about the safety of this product for human health has successfully spread a cunning marketing ploy of the company owner (bill Ingram), who was specifically hired people in the white coats, creating the impression that even the doctors acquire and eat burgers.

But in the late forties of the XX century the "White Castle" began to appear competitors. The most serious of which was the "McDonald's", which now is recognized as a global industry leader fast food (fast food, "fast food").


the Variety

today, fast food has a huge variety, as a result, customers can buy a few varieties of burgers:

  • 1 of the most popular types of burgers is the cheese burger (cheeseburger). This is nothing but a sandwich, in whose composition must surely include cheese. Because of the addition of cheese in a sandwich, often, the cheeseburger is a little more expensive than the standard hamburger. This fact is also 100 calories and increases the nutritional value of the finished product in comparison with the classical hamburger;
  • now for fish lovers, prepare fish burger (fishburger). It is a kind of hamburger which is used fried fish fillets instead of cutlets of meat. By the way, because frying fish deep-fried fish burger may be more calories than a hamburger with meat;
  • the Burger, which necessarily includes chicken meat, called chiken burger (chicken burgers);
  • Sandwich, which acts as a filling tofu, called tofu burger (tofuburger);
  • in addition, for vegetarians too, there is any Burger that contains no meat – (garden burger) or gardenburger (veggie burger) vegiburger.

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