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MRI: the Main advantages

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the Main advantage of magnetic resonance imaging lies in the fact that this diagnostic procedure gives the possibility to obtain detailed, three-dimensional information about the state of the human body. The result of this procedure turns out not a one-sided flat photo and image internal organs in various planes. By the way, can be done in the medical center "Dr. Spin":


MRI vs CT scan

In the majority of cases, MRI gives much wider opportunities for the diagnosis than CT. For example, the structure of the spinal cord and brain MRI “sees” with almost absolute accuracy.

in addition, MRI is better for KT, analyzes the condition of these soft tissues like: adipose tissue, ligaments, muscles and other Disorders and diseases int. organs, bones and joints are also well defined using MRI, but hollow organs (stomach, intestines, lungs, etc.) it is better still to check with KT.


MRI and its effects on the body

Now, there is absolutely no evidence that MRI brings to the human body harm. The basis for this procedure is radio-frequency radiation and its effects on the human body is much smaller than, for example, the use of cell phone.


  • If you need to undergo magnetic resonance imaging with intravenous contrast fluid, then it is obligatory to warn the doctor if you have any of the disease or kidney problems;
  • 1-but important contra-indication – the use of implanted pacemaker, under the action of magnetic radiation can fail. In addition, this procedure is not assigned to request in the body which have any metal implants: artificial joints, needles or other orthopedic appliances etc.

Metal brackets teeth or tantalum on the chest though and is able to affect the quality of the resulting image, but with contraindications to MRI, they are not.

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