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Hip replacement: What it is?

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Arthroplasty (replacement) of the hip joint is called a surgical operation, which aims to replace elements of the joint with implants. By the way, best hip replacement in Israel (see more details here). There are quite a few reasons why this surgery may be required. The main of them are:

  1. hip Dysplasia;
  2. Aseptic necrosis of head;
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis;
  4. the Hip (secondary or primary);
  5. hip Fracture + of its immediate consequences (false joints and post-traumatic arthritis).

Modern implants are very complex from a technical point of view products. The type of fixation, they are divided into implants:

  • uncemented;
  • cement;
  • and hybrid fixation.

1-e, in turn, consists of legs, the back, the head and the Cup. The 2nd consist of the same elements, and uncemented, but vertline component they have is solid, and not divided into liner and the Cup. All items have their own custom range of sizes. And, directly during a surgical intervention, the doctor selects and mounts appropriate in each case, the size of the element.

depending on the number of elements of the joint that will be replaced during operation (all or only some) are distinguished:

  • single-pole;
  • and total prostheses.

the place in the prosthesis, where the interaction is called a node friction. The type and quality of materials that it uses, determine the duration of operation of the endoprosthesis.

Directly on the varieties of pairs of friction of the endoprosthesis are made of:

  • ceramics-ceramics;
  • metal, metal;
  • ceramics-polyethylene;
  • metal-polyethylene.

When is surgery to replace hip joints?

In the 1st place, the indication for hip replacement are the patient's complaints + data x-ray examination.

So if a person feels great, but according to x - ray examinations had a third or fourth stage of coxarthrosis, it needs no replacement.

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