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French Laboratory "Bioderma"

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In today's dermatology brand "Bioderma" is 1 of the recognized world leaders in the field of medical cosmetics. This TM from France founded 39 years ago as the pharmaceutical firm. All of the funds took into account the characteristics and needs of different age groups and skin types was created based on recipes of doctors. From the distant 1978 and to this day, the basic "principles" have remained the same, due to scientific progress the issue of medical and cosmetic products has become more perfect.

the Products of this brand are approved by the beauticians and dermatologists. As a result, it very often is appointed as an independent means of preventing all kinds of skin diseases and in treatment. Now you can easily purchase any gel, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, cream or toothpaste TM "Bioderma", taking into account the needs and individual characteristics of each person.

Cosmetic line

highly Qualified specialists of "Bioderma" has developed 9 lines of cosmetics, which in turn is very effectively cope with your particular skin problem:

  • ABCDerm (designed for the delicate skin of babies and children);
  • Atoderm (designed to restore prone to atopy and dry skin);
  • Cicabio (intended for healing damaged skin);
  • Hydrabio (for sensitive skin plus skin with disturbed water balance);
  • Node (designed to care for the skin of the head and hair);
  • Photoderm (designed to protect the skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation);
  • Sebium (for oily skin, the skin of mixed type + is used for acne);
  • Sensibio (for sensitive and prone to seborrheic dermatitis plus rosacea skin);
  • WO (designed to combat age spots, whitening and improving color of the skin).

Active natural ingredients of cosmetic products "Bioderma" effectively cope with various problems of the skin, have her healing effect plus presented while using the sea of positive emotions and incredible results. That is why having a home purse products this TM you can get attractive and healthy skin without much difficulty.

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