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Car first aid kit: Composition

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first aid Kit shall be in any car. In the case of its absence, the vehicle simply will not allow traffic. The fact of its existence is carefully checked for when passing the state inspection. By the way, if you do not, it is important element like a car kit, you can purchase in the online store:

In our country, the most car kits + all necessary medications and dates, the majority of drivers checked immediately before the actual inspection. Often, after most drivers forget what it exactly is and what each medication can help.

Remember: knowledge of what is in the car first aid kit plus understanding what may help each individual drug, are able to help out in different situations. The composition of each kit was designed so that its content is 100 % enough in order to provide the 1-St honey. help. So when something happens on the road in the 1st place to think about what is in your medicine Cabinet and not look for the nearest pharmacy to purchase, for example, adhesive, antiseptic, bandage, etc.


the content of car first aid kit:

  • 10 percent solution of ammonium — 1 ml 10, FL. 40 ml or 10 ml (1 pack);
  • 5 percent Alcoholic solution of iodine — 1 ml 10, FL. 40 ml or 10 ml (1 pack);
  • Sterile medical bandage of 500 x 10 cm (1 box);
  • non-Sterile medical bandage of 500 x 10 cm (2-ve packing);
  • non-Sterile medical bandage of 500 x 5 cm (2-ve packing);
  • non-Sterile tubular elastic medical bandages No 1, 3, 6;
  • Sterile absorbent cotton — 50 g;
  • a tourniquet Esmarch;
  • Bactericidal plaster — 60 x 100 mm or 40 x 100 mm (1-in) + 25 x 72 mm (3-ri package);
  • Reel deal band-aid — and 0.01×5 m or 0,02×5 m (1-pack);
  • Blunt-ended scissors 140 mm (1 package);
  • examination latex gloves sterile (non-sterile) no 8 (L)  (1 pair)
  • Cooling (hypothermic) portable package (1 package);
  • Sterile wipes 450*290 mm or 160*140 mm (4-d package).

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