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The desiccant Reglon Super from Syngenta

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Reglon Super - it's a contact desiccant, which is intended for pre-harvest desiccation of seed technical, fodder and vegetable crops as well as peas and sunflowers. It easier cleaning and quicker drying, particularly under uneven ripening. Also, it is used as a herbicide for pre-emergence protection against gramineous and annual dicotyledonous weeds on certain crops.

Reglon Super is widely used in s/s, as desiccant for seed and commercial crops technical, vegetable and oilseeds. For a couple of days after treatment with this medicine the green parts of weeds and cultivated plants, dry up, which in turn enables high efficiency to reconcile the timing of the harvest, to raise mysticeti and quality seeds to increase yields, reduce vulnerability to diseases, as well as costs for drying and refining of the seeds.


Powerful and Fast

except Diquat, contains in its composition special adjuvants, as well as effective wetting agent. This drug belongs to the desiccants quick action. He already later 15 minutes after applying - not washed off by rain, and this, in turn, makes it just the ideal tool for desiccation during the rain. Unlike other drugs of similar actions effectiveness Reglon Super brand does not depend on the temperature (it should be noted that in Sunny weather it acts faster).


Main advantages:

  1. the fastest devices available on the market of the desiccant (gives you the opportunity to begin to harvest 5-7 days after treatment plants);
  2. provides a uniform and rapid ripening, which in turn gives you the opportunity to harvest in any weather conditions with it at the optimum time;
  3. helps to halt the spread and development of diseases (potato blight, gray and white rot of sunflower, etc.);
  4. reduces the loss of seed during cleaning;
  5. reduces the seed moisture content, thereby reducing the cost of drying;
  6. helps to reduce cleaning costs;
  7. helps to increase the yield, maintain the oil content and improve seed quality;
  8. due to the fact that, along with cultivated plants it dries even and weed - easier cleaning
  9. already after 15 min after treatment it is not washed off by rain.

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