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Biomedics 55 Evolution: hydrogel lenses for eyes

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Biomedics 55 evolution is a contact lens having the aspheric design, from the company CooperVision recommended replacement period, with daily wear, 30 days. By the way, in Ukraine you can buy in the online store:



Comfort for all hypermetropes and MYPOW + optimal visual acuity.

ANS system (neutralization aberrations) that were used in the design of the lens Biomedics evolution 55. It lies in the fact that this system also eliminates 2 kinds of aberrations - distortion the eye + distortion contact lenses.

  • Expands the field of view;
  • the
  • Regardless of the distance provides the visual acuity of the highest quality;
  • the
  • Neutralizes spherical distortion (aberration) that is inherent in both the contact lenses and the eye;
  • the
  • Improves contrast perception of the view.

the Main disadvantage of lenses that have the spherical surface is the optical power at its periphery > than in its centre – this phenomenon is called spherical aberration.


What impact has spherical aberration for human vision?

While this phenomenon of man:

  • the Vision is worse in low-light conditions and at night;
  • No clarity of vision;
  • the Spherical aberration will be higher in bude optical power of the lens;
  • Increases lubrication around light sources.

Lens having no spherical aberration, have the same optical power in both the centre and the periphery, which in turn provides sharper, clear and crisp vision.

the Aspheric design of the lens Biomedics evolution 55 neutralises the spherical aberrations, which are peculiar to the eye and the contact lens and therefore provides better quality vision.

Biomedics 55 Evolution easy to dress up and very simple to use.


Caring for lens Biomedics evolution 55:

  1. For people with sensitive eyes it is better to apply the peroxide system;
  2. These lenses are combined with multi-functional solutions that are compatible with hydrogel lenses.

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