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Correctly select auspicious days and dates

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not all days are the same. You may have noticed that some days the work is easy, all turns, are made a good purchase, celebrations are fun in a relaxed atmosphere, and on other days, as if someone specifically puts us spoke in the wheel. For whatever we take, everything will go with labor, there are constant obstacles and challenges.

the Secret of good and bad days lies in the energy of the day. For each event has its own, strictly defined times. When the energy of the day supports an event, all is going well and easily, as if an invisible force helps you by creating favorable circumstances.

do Not take any important initiatives in the adverse day. Neither the long-awaited sale, no event ever will bring joy, being perfect on the wrong day. Therefore, it is important to carefully select a date for an important event. Consider whether to open the store in the day without wealth or to get married in the day of destruction? Of course, a lot depends on personal luck, but according to statistics, those for the wedding I picked a bad day, subsequently divorced or their relationship is poor.

whether to risk his fate? Or is it better to carefully refers to the selection days for the important things, because then the risk of failure and disappointments will be minimized. Selection of auspicious dates is carried out strictly individually, based on the energies present in your birth chart, combined with the energies of the s. the Chinese calendar is a storehouse of useful information. Unlike Western calendar, which only shows numbers, the Chinese calendar shows the movement and change of energy with respect to time. Chinese calendar is the lunar-solar zodiac, showing the movement of the sun and moon and the main planets and stars solar systems and their impact on the earth.

the Planets and stars, especially those that are relatively close to earth, have a direct impact on our planet. First of all, it is, of course, gravity, different types of radiation and radiation emanating from them. The combination of all these types of energy and present energy picture of the day. If energies blend together well, it means that the day will be successful. If it is bad - there are clashes and these days it is better to refrain from important things.

in order to choose an auspicious day, you need to analyze how the combination of energy from your Natal chart bazi with the energies of the year, month, and day of the Chinese calendar. See what they fold combination, not cause any collisions, and only after that you can conclude how good this day is for you personally or not.

Source: the first half of 2017

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