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Dental office: What furniture is needed for its arrangement?

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Probably few of us visit the dentist with pleasure. And the main reason for this is that the actions of the dentist bring us suffering (after all, the latest dental equipment makes it possible to remove (there is no opportunity to save), to seal or drilling teeth almost painless). It often happens that the person pursuing any children's fears. Therefore, processing dental office, it is very important to do so, lest the client feel in it as comfortable as possible and to “horror” of his childhood here and he is reminded. At the equipment of the working space of the dentist, it is very important to determine what furniture will be installed in.

According to regulations, on the 1 but the chair should stand out like a min of 14 m 2 area of the room, and on each chair it is necessary to add another 7 m 2. In practice, even the room is small area can be transformed into a modern dental office. It is very important that 100% met the criteria: ergonomics, environmental friendliness of the raw materials from which it is made, hygiene, compactness and functionality. Inside the stomata. the office should be absolutely nothing in excess – distances between different pieces of furniture you need to choose such, that med. workers could easily do their work and not disturb the rest of the patient. If the furniture is for dental. Cabinet placed rationally, the medical staff makes min unnecessary movements, and this, in turn, eliminates any discomfort for the person who came to the dentist with their problems.


the Necessary furniture

in What equipment is necessary to equip the room where the dentist takes the patient? What furniture is needed, so that the doctor could provide human services of appropriate quality?

Special attention should be paid to the dental chair (if needed, it can be used as couches). For customer convenience, it provides adjustment by depressing the foot actuator. In addition, a dental office equipped with dental unit with light, handpiece, spittoon, skellerup, a gun for supplying air and water. The operating room of a dentist should be equipped with:

  • chairs
  • writing-table;
  • table for sterile instruments;
  • table of amalgamability;
  • a dentist beside the chair (often he is an integral part of the stomat. chairs).

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