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What does the white stripe on the pregnancy test?

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the Predominant majority of the fair sex, with the passage of the Express test for pregnancy wonder whether there will be a strip of white, or manifest 2nd. In fact, the information content of the 2nd strip is not always unambiguous.


pregnancy Test: How it works?

today, in pharmacies there is a wide selection of pregnancy tests, but they all have the same principle. Pregnancy is detected by the presence of the hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine of women, which in turn is produced by the developing placenta in the event of conception. On test there are 2 strips. 1-and-control, which is intended to confirm the normal operation of the test system, and 2 – covered with a reagent that reacts to the HCG hormone and turns as the first. If you had 2 full stripes, the same intensity of color and color and clear contour, it indicates pregnancy.


What to do if the rapid test showed a strip of white color?

If the 2nd strip is white in color, unlike the color control, in this case, it is impossible to regard the result as positive. is a consequence nepravishta for some reason the reagent. At times it becomes visible under the influence of huge amounts of fluid that is investigated. But it often happens that the 2nd bar is not white, and blurred or pale, unconvincing and hard to read, and there are a number of reasons:

  1. the Need to comply with all the conditions that are responsible for the cleanliness of the passage of the Express test. This must be understood literally. It is best for pregnancy test morning urine is suitable, which is more informative. It is necessary to collect only in a clean container. A test area of the strips is in any case not to touch. Also, just before testing for pregnancy should not consume an excessive amount of fluid and use of diuretics. The test is usually necessary to keep the urine >10 min., and the result is read immediately. After ten or fifteen minutes after the procedure, and drying the reagent is everything that you see in the test zone – has no value. Incorrect application of the rapid test, and failure to follow instructions not able to give any results to make the resulting data unreliable;
  2. Blur 2nd stripes on the rapid response test can also be due to a very early passage, when the level of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin is still insufficient in order to fully show itself. The greatest accuracy can be obtained approximately 14 days after conception, that is, 1-e the days of “latency”;
  3. Traces of HCG in the urine can occur after a recently aborted pregnancy;
  4. False or undefined, the picture can also demonstrate a faulty or expired test.

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