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Mesotherapy in cosmetology

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the Current pace of life dictates its own hard rules: today, all people need prompt and clear result. That is why mesotherapy is so popular (more details of which can be read ).


Mesotherapy: Why is it required?

Cosmetology during its own evolution, brought face to face with the following problem: the overwhelming majority of substances directly from who were waiting for a visible result, after application to the skin (all kinds of masks and creams) have not been included in those layers of the human skin, where required, their impact. In addition, these substances could not enter under the skin (and more specifically, body fat).

it was Caused by the fact that the main purpose of skin is to protect our body from intervention of various substances from the external environment, directly with which he coped with all 5 balls.

This problem was solved by a procedure like mesotherapy, which was based on the introduction into the human body (by injection) of different bioactive substances. Directly in cosmetology this procedure over from medicine, where it has long and all used.


Mesotherapy: Main effects

the Outcome that can be obtained after this procedure, stacks of effects such as:

  1. Pharmacological. Beautician with injections are able to the exact dosage necessary to introduce the drug to the desired depth and in those parts of the human body that is needed for a specific task (the fight against wrinkles or elimination of local fatty deposits);
  2. Opiatnye. The Central nervous system of a person reacts directly on acupuncture and secretes into the bloodstream endorphins and encephalin that give a subtle euphoria, and are also designed to eliminate possible discomfort;
  3. Stimulation of cell regeneration. When the doctor inserts the needle under the skin of the patient – it causes him a minor injury, and directly in response to which the damaged area starts the healing process and growth of new cells;
  4. Reflex action. Directly during mesotherapy in the reflex areas of the skin, observed the same effect as that of acupuncture;
  5. Improvement of the local blood supply. In the implementation of such treatments as mesotherapy, receptors of the skin are stimulated by using needles, in response to such irritation is observed, the local progression of the blood microcirculation.

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