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Removal of teeth: not scary and painful!

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the First tooth of the child appears at the age of 6-9 months. To 2 years already grow all of their milk teeth. And at the age of 5-6 years begins the process of change of temporary teeth to permanent. This process will last for several years. And in most cases will not cause serious discomfort to the child. But sometimes the help of a dentist.


when do I need to remove baby teeth?

to Delay the visit to the doctor is not necessary if:

  • molar has already erupted, and milk still remains in its place;
  • the
  • near the wobbly tooth inflamed gums;
  • the
  • , the child feels severe discomfort from that tooth is wobbly, but can not fall out on their own.

Also an absolute indication to remove a baby tooth is damaged by tooth decay more than 50%. But if the child is ill with an infectious disease or in the mouth, there is an acute inflammatory process – stomatitis or candidiasis, tooth extraction should be postponed until recovery.


Delete – only to the dentist!

the Important thing to remember for parents: baby teeth either fall out themselves, and require no additional intervention, either not fall out, and then you need to turn in , which will help to get rid of the problem quickly and painlessly. The initiative in this case, it can lead to serious problems:


    the fracture of the tooth root; the

  • damage to mucosa or gums;
  • the
  • the dislocation of the jaw;
  • the
  • nerve damage;
  • the
  • the injury of neighboring teeth.

an Experienced doctor will perform the procedure in a matter of seconds: gently and without consequences. If you remove a healthy tooth, the root of which are already resolved, for anesthesia is chosen anesthetic gel that is smeared with gums. If you want to remove the tooth affected by caries, the little patient will experience cauterized. But the removal of the tooth will be completely painless.

How to prepare the patient for removal of teeth

it's All about – in the habit! And if from birth every six months to drive the baby to check-UPS, problems with visiting of the doctor will not be in older age. Tell your child that you yourself also go to the dentist, and it does not hurt. In any case, do not scare the men in white coats. Otherwise, when you will need their help, you risk dealing with the very real hysteria. But in the crucial day will be fun, do not leave him alone with the doctor: let the baby feels the support of a loved one.

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