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Nail lamp: the working principle and principal

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Nail lamp is simply an indispensable device for those women who live in the mode of constant lack of time. This device makes it possible to efficiently and quickly dry your nails. is the need of each beauty shop, as they provide an opportunity to significantly accelerate the implementation of the manicure of the 1st client.

in addition, the nail lamp is perfect also for home use. All you need is to choose the right device (directly depending on the expected result).


Main features and varieties of lamps:

  1. UV (UV, UV) lamp. UV dryer for nails involves the use of UV radiation for the drying of different types of manicures, including gel Polish. Due to the relatively small value is the most popular lamp. They are able to have a negative effect on the skin and eyes and also have a limited lifetime;
  2. LED (led) lamps. Such manicure lamp is operated with light radiation. They provide excellent interaction with the shellac, high speed drying, as well as safety for the eye and for the skin. These devices are very expensive;
  3. CCFL (fluorescent device cold cathode). These lamps operate through the gas emitting the light. The radiation of the gas takes place through the electrodes. The main advantages is the durability and efficiency;
  4. a Hybrid lamp. These devices combine in itself characteristics of several types of apparatus, for example, CCFL and LED. Often it is expensive and professional the device.


the Main characteristic of the UV-a nail lamp is its power. The most common options:

  • 9W. This is the cheapest and most simple nail lamp, which has only 1 well bulb. This device is ideal for use at home. These lamps are almost in 100% of cases — compact and small;
  • 18W. Such a UV-lamp equipped with 2-mA deletepathname light bulbs and can be used both at home and in the salon. These devices perfectly cope with the polymerization of the gels, chalakov, etc.;
  • 36 W. This is a more expensive lamp for manicure that can cope with every task without exception. This is just the perfect choice for beauty salon. Such devices include reflective coatings, ventilation and timers, which greatly simplifies the process of drying nails;
  • 45-54 W. This is the most expensive device, that are relevant only when working in specialized beauty salons. Often inside they can accommodate 2-e brushes, which the drying process is accelerated significantly. However, there is the trap - they cause excessive, noticeable burning.

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