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Of understand, essence, meta I challenge business plan

July 07 2017

Dwellers minmesota riziki vakrita wlasna right, neophane CDI I correctly skladany of the document, that mstep bi dokladnie description: the project scho realsofts, VSI Yogo article vitrat I occupany riven dochodu, zgidno s Yakima bi dev nvestor-pgpring. Sama this document ( " business plan. Razglyadev see more scho VIN iz predstavlja yourself. By the way, Sami USPS VI can sniti on Sait http://ideibiznes.ru/.


I Understand the essence

Business-plan - TSE programa de for vdkbitw to a b_znes ABO Yogo new directly (etpu), scho vkluchi in itself dokladnie description: vsih moment, POV'yazanyh s majbutnoyu the right scho skladatelja s Mehta analso efektivnost project Optimat process at Yogo implementation I Domagnano rezultatu the best at Yogo realset. Himi words, business-plan - TSE description, rozrahunkiv I analz vsih zachodu, that need to hold, dwellers dosage postavleno methylene.

Investor ABO pgpring rozrobka I analso business plan for dwellers tells peritonitis in efektivnost zadumano business de, oceniti svo? features (including I finansov) . realpac I prognozowanie economic effect from vprovadzhennya for this reason do in life. Skladate Tsey document necessary maximum realistichno not yamaguchis zahtevati, vezhlivij moments I "pddnet" pid of Barzani the result, after CIM VI fool only to himself, that, in turn, can bring up to francovich Strat. Sdisney vzhe, bezposrednio realsize skladenko business plan, you can pdivate Yogo rsnim corktown, wiodacy s Aktualno situat I obstavin scho Skalica.

the Essence of the business plan polega in fact, dwellers dopomogty besmenov really oceniti svo? chancy on USPH. Competently skladany and good of produmanny business plan - TSE warrant uspsa realset designed the project.



you Can videliti 3 methylene onown business planuvannya, wiodacy s someone target program di Buda submitted by:
Analz Vlasna, progress and prospects realset project (if Biznes-plan skladatelja for the mast osobisty koristuvacha paprika);
Perekonannya investor in dirnos participation in project (if Biznes-plan skladatelja s Mehta zaluchennya investici);
Perekonannya Bank pribytkovoj kredituvannya (if Biznes-plan skladatelja for producing credit).

Skladeni document is guilty everyone knows, what does dati participants project scho realsofts and answers on TAC power:

  • Chi Strabane rinkom product / posluga, Yak plants to produce / prodavati / nanavati?
  • that resource (materials I technon) potribni for uspsa realtec business project?
  • Yak vartist real realtec business do?
  • Chi is bladesmen profanate project?
  • sources that finansowania will vicorian?
  • the yakoy bude pasikova vartist realtanoda business product I won naslite to viavita konkurentospromozhnosti?
  • Chi smoge right really prinositi prybutok, and Chi bude Tsey prybutok Vdovin occupancy?
  • on that key, momenti in realset project should be zvernuti pay attention, dwellers minmesota riziki?

Himi words, meta business plan - dopomogty pgprint ABO Nuestro adequately oceniti strebovat business de, svo? features : realzar, onown nebezpeci, that nes in the sobi project I, progress and prospects Yogo realset.


the Challenge

Sucasne business planuvannya virsu CLI a number of samdani:

  1. proposed a more Precise napramku vakrita ABO development to a b_znes;
  2. Proposed business product (warehouse I characteristics tovariv ABO the hotel), on yakomu bude buduvati the right;
  3. Anals structure spozhivachiv, clova rinku I msca, Yak Mauger project potentino sainati on Tsikh rink;
  4. Formowania of korotkometrazhnyh, sredneotraslevyh I of dolgostroi clay from development to a b_znes;
  5. Proposed tactics I strateg desagana of postavljenih clay;
  6. Proposed osib, vudli for desagana tacticsa I strategicznych clay (Razi, yakscho TSE business plan for a large project, yaky bude salochana baslc uchasnikiv);
  7. Proposed staffing warehouse realtanoda project clemo I profesinal plan;
  8. the Holding of marketing Dolce rinku, vyrobena complex zachodu s. prosuvannya product / services, proposed canals zbutu;
  9. Once finansowo skladova project scho realsofts: General obsahu I structure vitrat;
  10. Once FINANSOVOGO result from realtec business de.

In this I polagayut the challenge key business plan.

Translated by "Yandex.Translate": translate.yandex.ru.

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