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Yoga for Beginners: how to start a class

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Everyone knows what yoga, read Indian philosophy, andmaybe even Sanskrit. But many people think that yoga postures are very complex, require good body flexibility and the ability to meditate, so do not dare to start exercise. No! Everything is much simpler. Enough to learn how to relax and calm down after a stressful day, using home-accessible guide "".

Zanprises yoga provide additional reserve to promote health, stress management, mind control, inner peace. Yoga-it is always a connection and harmony with each other. Yoga need a good book with a description of a complex of exercises for each day, a yoga teacher and, of course, your desire.

Howstart doing yoga

The first steps for the start of classes - a familiarity with simple exercises, begin to engage in a few minutes a day, try to go to school. Developing a self-discipline, you start practicing yoga regularly. With toy regular classes will be included in a habit and therefore you will be able toete delve into the teachings of yoga even more. In this case, your physical, mental health will be improved in a lot of time.

Do not worry if at first pose or meditation technique you do not come, contact the teacher.

Do yoga better on an empty stomach, the best time-morning after water treatment before breakfast. After yogado not rush to sit tight and there. Let the body rest, suitable mineral water or a cup of tea to start healing. The body will take a dose of energy and at the same time prepare for the upcoming feats you throughout the day.

In the evening, it is advisable to do relaxation, mental or if you feel muscle fatigue, yoga pomOguchi restore the energy level. And at the same time prepare the body for a calm and healthy sleep, with no recollection of a bad day, or about a bad event.

One should consult with an expert before starting to practice yoga, if you have such diseases:

  •       cancer;
  •       diabetes;
  •       epilepsy;
  •       heart disease;
  •       high blood pressure;
  •       retinal detachment;
  •       Meniere's disease;
  •       recent trauma or surgery.

As in diseases such activities can not be a good factor and may even help the development of disease.

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