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Ultrasonic bugs repeller

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today, there are a huge number of tools that help to get rid of all kinds of parasites, including bedbugs, the appearance of which in the house is the real tragedy, because to eradicate them is not easy. They are developing so fast that in 7 days even 1-in bug can produce huge offspring.

Bugs vs ultrasound

of Course, insecticides – that's good. But there is one "but" - the bugs quickly enough get used to all sorts of chemical. (they are immune to them). Looking for other solutions to help get rid of bed bugs and other parasites, the man invented the ultrasound.

Scientists found out that homemade bed bugs have a specific sensitivity to certain sounds. In the end, it turned out that the outgoing sound will be louder, the insect will less hear. Well, with a quiet sound all the opposite – it is quieter, the clearer it will be to hear the bugs.

That is, bed bugs completely insensitive to loud sounds (their hearing is in the range of 10 dB, all that will be above this value – bed bugs will not hear!). Taking this information as a basis and began to develop the now popular ultrasonic devices. By the way, http://--. you can see the price and purchase data directly to the device.

Principle of operation

Ultrasound affects insect pests by generating high-frequency waves that are installed on a large “volume” for a particular variety of the home of the parasite. I.e., in the area that will be covered by the apparatus, the pest will create an uncomfortable and awkward atmosphere max. Ultrasound will cause bed bugs to leave the area where you directly it will work. Set the device switch frequencies (which can be both manual and automatic), will make “atmospheric chaos” in the house and don't give pests any chance to get used to it.

Using ultrasound from home of bed bugs, you can see the 1st results only after 7 to 14 days. The fact is that ultrasound does not effect on the eggs of bedbugs, which is why parasites may again “reborn”.

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