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Computer glasses: reality or still a myth?

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Millions of people every day for a couple of hours a day glued to the PC monitors and various gadgets — this mode dictates the pace of modern life. But for daily access to data, devices, people need to pay their vision.

Now very topical question: "is it Possible with specials. optics, you of PC, to reduce this price and also to prevent decrease of visual acuity, which is directly caused by long work behind a computer screen? In order to answer this question, first you need to figure out what exactly harms the visually impaired PC user.

computer: How can it damage your eyesight?

the Main attack falls on the eye accommodative apparatus (structures in which eye “adjusted” vision of certain objects that are at different distances. Even the 1st problem is the incorrect distance from the human eye directly to the computer screen. The last aspect is the glare caused by reflection of light from the screen and appearing on the monitor when viewing flash video.

All the above symptoms can be grouped into GLC (so-called computer visual syndrome).

whether with points to prevent the barrier?

— this is an existing optics, which was specially designed for the users of personal computers, considering directly all the above features work for them. These glasses have a number of differences from ordinary glasses myopia or reading. They give people the opportunity to reduce the burden on the eyes, clearly see the image on the monitor, and avoid involuntary unhealthy postures.

the Main differences between computer glasses

Glasses for PC have 2 main differences from points that are intended for other purposes:

  • lens Design;
  • Tinted glass and reflective coating.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that computer glasses — this is not a myth but a real opportunity to save your eyesight when working at the PC. But first you should refer to the ophthalmologist, who will help you to assess the current state of the eye, and also to perform the specific work and the amount of time spent at the computer.

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