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How to choose a children's winter clothing

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With the approach of cold weather each person in one way or another begins to them Gothovitsya: digging in the closet, in search of warm clothes, or else run to the shops in search of this. And, if an adult is in the process with a certain proportion of neglect (choice may fall on is not the best quality, or warm instance), then when winter clothes chosen child, especially small - are not up to the jokes and the processshould be taken more than seriously. Firstly, clothes for the winter should be really warm, because the degree of thermoregulation of the body in children and adults is markedly different. Second, a set of winter should be comfortable and not impede the passage, as your toddler is unlikely to want to sit in a wheelchair all the time. And thirdly, winter clothes etc.ave to be of high quality, natural materials that do not cause allergic reactions.

If you want to choose a really good, it is necessary to pay attention to the following details:

- the age of the child. The smaller, the more responsible you need to follow the temperature regime. Well, from the WHOage depends on the type of winter kit that will suit you as well as its size. For example, if the kids are not one year old, you are likely to come in handy so-called envelope or coveralls transformer. If a child from one to three, your regular suit. A child older have to choose separate sets;
- insulation material. Can ASIClzovatsya down, which is a priori the best option, as well as synthetics - sintepon, Thinsulate, hollofayber. Each of the heaters has both advantages and disadvantages to which you should pay special attention;
- operation of all lightning integrity of the material;
- quality of workmanship and materials.

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