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Diet for Liver

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The liver - one of the most important organs in the Organism person. The list of functions that it performs quite striking:

- neutralization of harmful substances, toxins, excess materials;
- participate in the digestive process;
- energy generation and storage of vital substances;
- the synthesis of blood particles;
- the production of cholesterol, lipids, aslchi, bilirubin;
- reservoir for a significant amount of blood and other.

For the body is healthy need priderzhivatsya healthy. Wrong way of life sooner or later leads to the fact that this natural filter is out of order and is subject to serious diseases - hepatitis, cirrhosis, hemangiomaand others, many of which lead to disastrous consequences. Therefore, it is so important to start at the first sign of preventive procedures, which are based diet food. "We are what we eat" - this phrase is particularly relevant in this case, because all the food is filtered using the liver. There are many diets, but all of them, one way or anotherie, based on the following principles:

- high calorie diet;
- high frequency of meals;
- priority cooked food and a complete ban fried;
- the correct temperature (or hot or cold);
- a high level of fiber in the diet.

Products totorye most beneficial to the liver, it's apples and other fruits, dried apricots, buckwheat, beets, greens, turkey meat, green tea. When diets should be excluded from the diet all fatty and fried, margarine, mayonnaise, smoked, alcohol. The diet should reduce the burden on the liver in the form of harmful substances, while maintaining balance.

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