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What is the postoperative bandage

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A bandage is actually an integral part rehabilitatebilitation in the postoperative period. They are used to support muscle tissue or internal organs, load distribution, fixation of the peritoneum after surgery, please visit

In orthopedic practice the following types of tires:

- hernia (usedto prevent changes in the position of internal organs);
- postoperative (used after operations on the abdominal and chest);
- prenatal (used to support the abdomen and lumbar);
- pelvic (used to support the hip joint).
Each of them is important, but withoutpostoperative brace virtually indispensable. These bandages are designed for fixing and holding a surgical suture abdominal wall. In turn, they are divided into three types according to the application:
- abdominal (use of mandatory and promotes rapid healing of wounds, prevents the development of herniasSupports the abdominal muscles);
- chest (used for chest injuries for fixing the ribs and intercostal muscles);
- specialized (used in post-operative and post-traumatic period to support muscle, kidney, uterus). < / p>

The elastic bandage material contributes evenlyequitable distribution of load and secure the area. For proof effect recommended daily wear a bandage for 2-3, and in some cases up to 8 hours. Choose the size required can brace yourself, measures the size (coverage) waist.

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