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Fecal incontinence (encopresis)

July 04 2014

or faecal incontinence, or incontinence - a violation of contA process of defecation. May develop due to dysfunction of the muscular tissue of the rectum and anal sphincter specifically, is a ring-shaped muscle that holds or transmits stool.

in severity and symptoms of incontinence are the following varieties:

- notkalovydelenie controlled without a corresponding urge to defecate;
- the inability to hold the stool in the presence of the urge to void;
- partial uncontrolled on exertion, cough etc .;
- loss of function of deterrence due to age-related degenerative changes.

The causes of this dysfunction are many, but in origin, it can be either congenital or acquired as a result of the disease.

The main causes of incontinence following:

- congenital diseases of the rectum and sphincter;
- pelvic injury;
- neurological and psychiatric struckNotices, including neuroses, psychoses, schizophrenia;
- infections that cause diarrhea and other.

This phenomenon is fundamentally different in children and adults. If children under three years old, it is in principle considered the norm (up to 2-3 years old child only develops the ability to control the process of defecation), the expression inolder children and adults should be alerted, as it can be the result of a serious illness. Most often it is a violation of the nervous system. Timely access to a doctor relieve the discomfort and will eliminate the cause as soon as possible.

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