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The plant, which helps bones to splice

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Treatment of fractures and complex injuries of joints and bones, exercise is not the most pleasant. Then it takes time, you need patience and peace. As prAwilo, this is what most people lack. Therefore, they are looking for alternative and complementary treatment options for their injuries. A great option could be in this respect grass.

If you are caught, or you inadvertently fell, stumbled and received damage to the joint or bone, then you need to use the grass delphinium yland larkspur. This beautiful and unpretentious in conditions for plant life can be found on all continents except Antarctica. Delphinium flowers can not be confused with other plants, they have a whimsical irregular shape may be blue, purple, pink or white.

The healing properties, which has   - Another nameds of this plant – allow for more rapid regeneration of bone tissue. Surprisingly, compresses and lotions from broth of herbs, ointments based on it and other drugs significantly and easy on the eyes are on the sore spot.

Larkspur referring to the order of Wolfsbane plants, it has a strong analgesic effect, whatvery important for the injured person. The fact that it relieves pain in itself is a positive thing, but this does not end its properties. Until the end of all the possibilities plants have not been studied, but that it is really effective for injuries, fractures in the bones and fractures – an indisputable fact.

For those who decide toharvest dried larkspur, have some advice. Collect stem plants in the flowering period, not dry in the sun, so can keep the most medicinal properties. If it's too troublesome, buy ready-made grass or ointment at a pharmacy and use them. Be healthy and watch your step.

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