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Every girl and woman to strive to be beautiful, inimitable, irresistible wishingd. This work is constant, it takes a lot of time and money, but the result is, as the saying goes, "hits the spot." This concerns not only the beauty of the body. No one doubts that this is very important, but other than having a beautiful body, and it is still necessary to dress nicely: here, as in the case of the candy when the first impression created by the wrapper. PassionWith which the fair sex are constantly looking for new clothes and shoes easily give odds care of his own body. Summer, when all rules minimalism especially requires a harmonious combination of "candy wrapped". But this does not mean that, for example, in the autumn, when the mud underfoot, sleet, rain and cold weather, womedoes not want to and can not be beautiful. Just a "wrapper" is another, more tightly - jacket. Availability of this fashion accessory in your wardrobe will not only create comfort in the cold weather, but will stand out from the crowd will witness the presence of good taste his owner. Fashion is highly variable, and every year during her change. Nelnot be said to be a popular jacket some specific shapes and colors - there are plenty of them, that's just trendy elements (colors, constructive, individual elements of tailoring) often determine the development of the industry for the year ahead and represent the leading designers in the fashion seasons in Milan, Paris, London and other fashion capitalsthe world.

For example, among the year in the trend are:

- in the colors - black, white, cherry, brown, gold. In addition, quite fashionable to be a combination of colors, especially the contrast;
- the materials - leather, suede, tweed, linen, fleece. Again, welcome combination of timematerials;
- at length - as short (for the start of the season) and long term (to end);
- style - sports, military, retro.

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